Hama AC 150 PC-Webcam drivers

Hama AC 150 PC-Webcam is an affordable, easy-to-install camera, which is ideal for video chats via Skype and MSN. It is also good for creating videos and pictures on PS or laptop. It has a 300 kilopixels matrix that makes video of 640 x 480 resolution. There’s a very convenient base/clip that is good for pinching this webcam to a notebook as well as to a TFT monitor. The length of a cable is enough to plug a camera into a USB port on a laptop. The pleasant thing about Hama AC 150 is that there’s an installation without drivers option there. Make use of a handy snapshot button for quick shots. You can also rotate a camera to adjust it at a right angle. Keep in mind, there’s no microphone in this camera.