Samsung GT-I8000 Omnia II phone drivers

Samsung GT-I8000 Omnia II phone can boast the Cube interface, which is, on the one hand, a reaction to LG S-class phone but, on the other, it continues the traditions of Witu (known as Omnia or i900). This is the Windows phone with 3.7-inch AMOLED 800×400 screen. There’s a slot for microSD card for up to 16Gb. It has Samsung ARM1176 processor with minimal CPU speed 800 MHz. There’s a 5MP camera with a double LED flashlight. 1500MAh Li-ion provides a long life to this device. The main peculiar feature of Samsung I8000 is the abundance of widgets available! You can move them, hide or highlight. Overall, this phone is very convenient in usage due to intuitive interface and compact size.